Yellow Light Traps

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In May 2013, the 10 News Investigators exposed how the state of Florida was reducing the length of yellow lights and increasing the number of unsuspecting drivers nabbed by red light cameras.  As the scope of the investigation increased, so did its impact: the state admitted its lights were too short; yellow light minimums were extended statewide; predatory "rolling right" violations were re-examined in numerous communities, and legislative efforts to reform red light camera laws continue into 2014. 

The 10 News Investigators gathered more than 1,000 public documents for these reports between Dec. 2012 and Dec. 2013, and aired more than 40 stories exposing other abuses by local cities and counties.  The series has advocated for well-intentioned Florida drivers who don't deserve tickets, as well as the utilization of engineering practices designed to maximize safety and fairness.

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Yellow Light Trap Interactive Timeline

Have you received what you believe is an unfair red light camera ticket? Some tips on how to challenge a red light camera ticket.

Miss our original investigation? Watch the 10 News Investigators' "Yellow Light Trap" story.

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